How to face a digital fair without dying trying

Due to the current situation, have you canceled the face-to-face activity and are you going to hold the fair or event online? Don’t worry, we all know that it’s not the same, but it’s not the end of the world, I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve most of your goals.

This digital event will allow you to make new connections and keep the old ones. It all depends on your effort and the presence you have decided to have in it.

1. Digital fairs also have their advantages

In times of uncertainty, you must maintain your presence in the market even more. It is important that your clients do not stop perceiving that you still exist and that this whole situation has not diminished your capacity as a supplier.

The digital route, even though it is not yet mature, allows you to reduce possible losses derived from the cancellation of fairs and face-to-face events.

Our recommendation is that you will have to digitize your event or fair at a lower cost than you previously had. Thanks to this you will be able to maximize your investment, because in many cases the performance of your event has been reduced because it is digital and not face-to-face.

You can allocate part of the budget you had for fairs and events in 2021 and improve your brand image at these digital fairs. In addition, you will be able to acquire new tools to optimize and plan the entire event.

We have also had to adapt to the new challenges arising from the pandemic. These changes should not worry you, we can help you adapt to this new way of doing business and make all your work easier.

We can also carry out stand design for fairs and digital events

If you take into account all the details and organize your event correctly, you can obtain many advantages. The most important for your company is to increase business sales.

2. Advantages of online fairs and events

The main advantage of an online fair or event is its reach. It is almost unlimited thanks to the internet, but it will depend on the repercussion and the engagement of those who organize that event.

Having a presence at a digital fair allows you to increase your company’s customers from anywhere in the world and without having to travel. It is true that it can also attract less qualified customers or those interested in your product that are more difficult to convert.

With a good digital strategy you can bring new customers to your business faster and at a relatively lower cost.

You will also be able to get attendees who cannot navigate the current situation, but are really interested in your products or services.

Finally, we want to highlight the lower cost and time spent on virtual fairs. Both at the beginning and at the end you will not have to make any type of displacement other than the ones you already do in your usual job.

In these times, we must reinvent ourselves and adapt to new business formulas. We don’t know if digital events are here to stay, but until they can be held in person again, we have to adapt to this new option.

You will need qualified and experienced companies to accompany you on this new path.

3. Tips to keep in mind to organize your digital fair

It is clear that these digital events have endless advantages over conventional ones. But they have generated a new way of conducting business relationships, so it leads to taking into account the new tools and ways of doing things in the digital field.

Before attending an event you should consider the following fundamental points to participate:

  • Content of your company and the event: What will I offer during the event? What is this event or fair about? Is it relevant within the sector?
  • Purpose of your participation: This point is very important, we must be clear about our objective in that fair or event. What do we hope to achieve through our participation?
  • Target audience and participating audience: What type of audience am I addressing? Will the participants be interested?

You will have to be very clear about these points and analyze them carefully before participating. It is important that you study it correctly, because in this way you will consume the minimum of resources and you will be able to maximize your results in events that can really bring you a benefit.

You’re going to have to be mindful of technology. For this we have several digital platforms available, some better known than others.

Among the most important we have:

  • Zoom >
  • Livestream >
  • Teams >
  • Skype >

All these tools have a wide range of features that will make your event more attractive and make all your work easier.

Have you prepared yourself for this new digital scenario of the new millennium?

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