Details to take into account in a trade fair stand

Our team is working on Smagua, an international event that will be held at the Zaragoza fair in February 2019 At MNA Comunicación, we believe in creating optimal spaces for your company or product, which is why we want to advise you and remind you of the benefits you can achieve with its correct use.

There are many types of specialized stands at different types of fairs, but the two most common types of fair stands are modular stands and custom design stands, where we find two subtypes: those reusable in aluminum carpentry or made of wood. The modular ones are characterized by being made mainly of aluminum with standardized measurements. Instead, design stands are characterized by being made of wood or materials such as aluminum, plastic, fabric, etc. They are customizable according to the needs of each project.

The main difference is that the modular ones do not allow us to build any type of idea as it is of a more limited structure and already prefabricated, something that we can achieve if we work with designer stands. Also differentiate the exclusivity and authenticity that a custom-built stand provokes, as it is manufactured for a specific purpose from an initial idea with the client.

With the help of a stand, a company will be able to communicate to the client what it offers in a direct, clear and concise manner. This information will be displayed visually and verbally.

What are the most important points of a fair stand?

1. Offer the product: At first, the visitor must recognize the product, which must be clearly displayed. We will achieve this thanks to the already recognized brand image, the company’s motto or logo, in addition to the images that accompany it, and that normally describe it.

2. Furniture: We must take into account the type of furniture that best suits the client, paying attention to the most appropriate shapes, reliefs, materials and colors that, in turn, must have a connection with the brand of the company of the client we work with.

3. Lighting: It is also important to know what type of light will bring more notoriety to the stand in question, as well as to recognize where it is necessary to apply it.

4. Design: The design of the stand must be highly personalized in order to differentiate the company. All the decoration must have a common link that represents it. We can innovate, but always based on what the company is.

5. Photographs and illustrations: a stand needs to show both the corporate image of the company so that it is recognized by those who see it , such as the image of the product or service you offer. With the help of images we also show the benefits that the customer can obtain with the product.

6. Audiovisual media: It can be of great help as a visual support, so that the message reaches customers more clearly. We will also be able to increase the attractiveness of the stand, and therefore give it greater notoriety.

In every fair stand, the first thing to analyze is what you want to achieve and how you want to communicate through the stand. Once decided, the type of structure that is most suitable in each case is studied according to the priorities, and always bearing in mind the needs of the stand together with the corporate image of the company. Later, it is decided how to project that image through the characteristics that will represent the project. It is advisable to have the help of professionals so that this process is as satisfactory as possible. At MNA Comunicación we help ensure that projects meet all existing needs.

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