Booth Design

At MNA we have been carrying out all kinds of stand design for years, we are passionate about being able to create new experiences for all kinds of indoor and outdoor events. Our team has extensive experience designing stands for fairs from different sectors. We can design your stand both in Barcelona and throughout Europe.
Stands Reutilizables: Eco-amigables, Innovadores, Desmontables, Diseñados para Marcas y Empresas en Barcelona, Madrid y el resto de Europa
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Booth Design

We create the design stand that your brand or your client needs

We make a unique design tailored to your needs and analyze every detail of the decoration.

Reusable stand design

We have been designing reusable stands modular or fixed structure for all types of fairs. For each event we will create a design according to its needs and the space where your company’s brand will be present.

Stand design for rent

Most companies attend few events, use very diverse spaces and each one has different needs, we can design stands for a single use.

We are the stand designer that your fair presence needs

We analyze from start to finish all the details and needs that your company or your client may have to design the stand that best fits. We use the latest programs to design modern stands and follow the latest trends.

After working on the concept of the project, we will make a unique and unrepeatable design in the shortest possible time. 

1. Conceptualization of the stand

The first phase of all stand decoration goes through its conceptualization. All details must be taken into account before designing.

It is the first step to decide how it will be and what elements will make up the space where the products or services will be exhibited.

The most relevant aspects are chosen to be able to go on to create creative designs. 

2. Booth design

After working on the concept, we went on to design the stand.

We work on the made-to-measure decoration of each client according to their needs.

The design stands are a differentiating element for all kinds of events, from fairs to congresses. For this reason, we create projects tailored to our clients. 

3. Project review

In most cases, some projects require certain revisions to perfectly fit what you are looking for.

This phase is prior to the delivery of the final project to build the stand.

The stand design always has to take into account many factors, therefore, it often requires revisions.

We design stands tailored to each exhibitor

Creative stands are the most important point if you want to stand out at international fairs. That is why we work on the details of the design, we apply your corporate image and we decorate the space with love.

It should always be a priority to create a unique design for the location of the fair you are going to attend.

There are certain important points to take into account when considering the space of your stand. 

How to decorate stands and exhibition spaces successfully:

  • The distribution of all the elements taking into account what you want to communicate.

  • Correctly apply the color scheme according to the identity of the company.

  • Decorate based on the identity and arrangement of all the elements.

diseñador de stands para ferias

We are stand designers for fairs, commercial spaces and all kinds of events

Commercial space decorators

Decorating commercial spaces is a challenge, you have to stand out from the competition.

Each store or business is totally different, from the architectural basis of the premises to its distribution and size.

That is why we work in detail on each project. 

Congress stand designer

We create this type of design stands for congresses taking into account several factors. It is important to create spaces where the most important thing is the image of the company and its products and/or services.

In most cases, companies exhibiting at congresses seek an impressive and more corporate image. 

Event designers

Designing unique events is what we are most passionate about.

We like to take into account all the details of each event to achieve a decoration in harmony.

Each event needs to stand out correctly with a good decoration based on. 

Diseño de stands para ferias

We decorate the stand for any type of fair, both national and international.

We like to work on every detail of the space to achieve a differentiating project and thus make the exhibiting company stand out.

We use all kinds of materials to create each space.