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Events and Covid-19

Events have been reduced to a minimum by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) since March. No one would have imagined that due to a virus we would stop carrying out all our usual plans, such as going to the cinema, having a drink on a terrace with sea views or attending a massive event. But today, we can see how covid has affected the whole world.

The events sector and cancellations due to the coronavirus

The advance of infections in February in Italy led to tough decisions by governments, organizations and companies. Due to that, the vast majority of shows and events in all sectors were canceled. Events and covid-19 have not been able to coexist together during the year 2020.

Event Before Covid

Cancellation of the Mobile World Congress and other fairs

Almost all the fairs that were planned for 2020 were canceled or postponed, except for a few that were held with the maximum security controls. For example, Rebuild Expo held in Barcelona, the ArtRio art fair in Rio de Janeiro, Gitex in Dubai or some fairs held in China.

The most dramatic thing for the fair sector and the mobile telephony sector was the largest cancellation ever seen at a fair.

Never before has a business fair of this magnitude been canceled and with an economic cost like that of Mobile for exhibitors and stand companies.

Losses arising from the cancellation of the MWC

The forecast for the 2020 edition was for greater attendance compared to previous years. It was estimated that 110,000 visitors would attend, from more than 200 countries around the world and some 3,000 exhibitors from technology companies.

It is estimated that the economic loss is around 500 million euros and the destruction of 14,100 jobs, both direct and indirect.

Postponement of MWC 2021 in Barcelona

The new dates of the Mobile World Congress are from June 28 to July 1, 2021. Due to the risk due to the possible regrowth of winter, the decision was made to move it to dates in which the Christmas and January vaccines have already emerged effect.

With this measure of changing the dates of the event from February to June, more time is obtained for the situation of the pandemic to normalize.

New hope with coronavirus vaccines

Vaccination of a person in a private hospital

Luckily for all of us, coronavirus vaccine research has been advancing at breakneck speed. Thanks to the good news of the results with the vaccines, the positivism of companies and event organizers is increasing. Due to this good news there is talk of a return to fairs and events in spring.

Most have chosen more realistic dates such as June or September to October 2021. It is planned to hold well-known fairs such as the MWC, Cosmobeauty, Alimentaria or Expoquimia.

We have already prepared ourselves to be at 200% when the fair activity and congresses return. If you need any service for your event, do not hesitate to contact us, we have what you need!

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