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Mobile World Congress Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress (MWC), the iconic mobile world congress where every year the latest innovations in technology, is held at the Fira de Barcelona, in the city of Barcelona, located in Spain. It is currently the most important congress in the mobile technology sector.

Every year thousands of people from all over the world gather, with very different roles within the sector, to learn about or present the latest developments. It has been celebrated since 2006 and the only year it has not been held was 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mobile World Congress 2021

In 2021 the Mobile World Congress returns to Barcelona, postponed this year to the dates of June 28 to July 1. This measure has been taken to ensure the holding of the congress due to the problem with Covid-19, since there are already different vaccines and the vaccination of part of Europe is planned at the beginning of the year.

It is expected that in this edition of MWC 2021, a large part of the companies from previous events will participate again.

Why participate in mobile?

It is the most important event on mobile telephony, more than 100 thousand visitors from the mobile industry will attend. All those who were left without participating in the mobile world congress 2020, will want to attend in 2021.

Therefore, you will be able to connect with suppliers and potential clients of great interest. Also, you can see all the technological developments in mobile telephony and other sectors.

In addition, the most important brands in the sector will participate in this edition with a custom turnkey stand. Other recent brands will also participate with modular stands, prioritizing the exhibition of their products.

If you want to generate great networking in the most important sector in the world, you must be present at the Fira de Barcelona from June 28 to July 1, 2021.

You can’t miss the most important date of the year for the world of mobile phones and the internet.

The design of stands at the Mobile World Congress

All exhibitors are already working on the design of your stands, which has a different style than many other fairs or congresses. Many of the stands at the Mobile World Congress include all possible technological innovations to capture the attention of visitors.

It is surprising the design of the stands added to the technology implemented in them. You will find interactive screens in different parts of the structure, augmented reality, and a long etcetera that would make you believe that you are in a city of the future.

Design of stands at the mobile world congress

In this case, it is one of the most important parts of the process, seeking to make a unique design and decoration. Therefore, we can say that the most important thing is to stand out from the rest of the competitors at the MWC fair in Barcelona.

The first thing is to analyze the space where the structure is going to be exposed. In this way, it will be possible to work on a decoration according to the needs of the space available to the exhibitor. Second, it is extremely important to apply the brand identity correctly. In addition, you have to take into account how the products are displayed, you have to make them stand out from the other exhibitors.

Construction of stands

In all construction of stands it is important that they be carried out with access to the assembly place in mind, so much so, that depending on the place they are manufactured in one way or another.

Also, the stand manufacturers must consider the assembly and disassembly time when to project its structure.

Fortunately, at this congress, both the logistics of access to the pavilion and the assembly and disassembly times of the stands are facilitated.

Stand assembly

This is a crucial phase for the celebration of the event, the assembly time is reduced in many cases. In the case of the larger ones, the organization allows more days to assemble and decorate everything.

During assembly days, companies from all over the world meet. Many companies will bring their stands to Barcelona using large boxes, with which to transport the materials.

The fastest assemblies are those of reusable modular systems. However, even though their structure allows for quick assembly, they are not the most common.

montaje stands mobile world congress
Mobile world congress stands

Disassembly of stands

Once the mobile congress has been carried out, the companies in charge of the stands carry out the dismantling. First, decorative elements such as furniture are removed. Secondly, the aerial elements, the ceilings and other parts of the structure that do not allow the walls or floor to be dismantled are removed. Finally, all the material is stored for later transport. Only in some cases, everything is discarded in some containers that the Barcelona fair puts.

Types of stands

In the mobile world congress there are very different stands, as well as being made in different ways. In many cases, exhibitors contract the decoration of the spaces with stands for single use in carpentry, but with this type of structure, a lot of waste is generated.

We always recommend the greater use of materials and structures for reusable stands. This method is the one that generates the least ecological footprint, because it can be reused endless times. Also, these sustainable structures dismountable allow to reduce costs in logistics, and therefore pollution in transport is also reduced.

The general options for a stand are the following:

stand modular reutilizable
designer stands
reusable stands
diseño de stands barcelona
Double floor stands

Rental furniture for the mobile

At this fair, all the stands that have a minimal design rent furniture of the latest design in order to be consistent with the rest of the decoration.

Some of the most iconic designs used in fairs and congresses such as the MWC,they are the Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, the Eames Lounge chair by Charles Eames or the Lem stool by thepalm. In most cases, when the exhibiting company seeks to reduce the costs of participation in the fair, furniture that is a replica of the original is rented.

alquiler de mobiliario
In order of appearance: Lem stool by lapalma, Eames Lounge armchair and Barcelona chair by Mies and Reich.

The rental furniture is an important point in any event, fair or congress, it is an element that, if well chosen, can give an elegant, discreet or impressive tone as necessary in each case. For this reason, at the Barcelona mobile congress it is taken into account that rental furniture for the stand will finally be chosen.

Types of rental furniture at the MWC

There are different options for mobile furniture rental. If you want to rent furniture for the mobile world congress, you must choose correctly.

Stool rental for Fira Barcelona

Los rental stools son el elemento esencial de todo booth design, In almost all the stands you can find a stool.

There are many different designs, there are plastic stools, wooden stools, metal stools and designs that combine various materials.

Renting stools for the MWC is a complicated task if it is not done in time, the most sought-after models are always sold out within a few days.

Rent tables for fairs

The rental of tables for the mobile world congress Barcelona is possibly a complicated task, due to the high demand the most requested ones run out very quickly.

Many exhibitors end up renting design tables that don’t look like the initial idea.

Currently the rental tables for the mobile are very varied. Above all, wooden tables are widely used. In addition, there is more demand for models such as industrial table, Nordic table or glass table.

Audiovisual rental in Barcelona

The rental of audiovisuals is an increasingly widespread practice in mobile stands. This is due, for the most part, to the fact that they provide a spectacular visual impact on any stand, thanks to being able to display images or videos of the company, its services or its products.

We have several types of audiovisuals to rent at a fair or congress.

LED video wall screens

Large LED televisions

At MNA we can help you with your participation in the mobile world congress 2021, it will be a pleasure to cooperate with you and make your attendance at the mobile congress a success.

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