Furniture for rent or purchase

We havefurniture to rent or buy, it all depends on what you need in each case. From stools to tables, with very different designs and styles. In addition, we will advise you so that you have quality design furniture and with a style that fits with your decoration.

Rent furniture

We have all kinds of furniture for rent, we also work with other furniture rental companies. In this way, we can always find the rental furniture you need.

We also advise you on which is the most suitable furniture in each case and help you in your search. We can rent all kinds of furniture, including:

Sofas: We have different models of sofas for rent, from iconic designs to other less conventional ones.

Desks: If you need a rental desk, contact us and we will propose different options.

Stools: Stools are the rental furniture par excellence, it is the one that is most in demand. We have different designs and all colors.

Cupboards: In some events it is also necessary to have storage furniture for workers or clients, that’s why we have different cupboards and lockers for your event >.

Tables: Every event needs some type of table, whether for speakers, customers or workers. We have design tables for rent of very varied styles and colours.

Chairs: If you need chairs for a few days, we rent you many of the most famous models, we can also deliver very exclusive design chairs

Buy furniture

We have different types of furniture to buy available, we work with several national and international manufacturers to be able to supply all types of furniture. We can also manufacture custom-made furniture according to the needs of each client.

If you need furniture for the office, the company in general or for your events, we will study your case and offer you the most suitable option. Some types of furniture we sell:

Sofas: Are you looking to buy a sofa for your office or event? We work with several suppliers that manufacture furniture of all kinds.

Desks: If you need a desk made of wood, glass or other materials, contact us, we are sure to have what you need.

Stools: Each stool that we have for sale is of high quality. You can buy well-known designer stools and others that are reminiscent of classic models.

Wardrobes: We have different models of wardrobe. Metallic, wooden or plastic cabinets. Both wardrobes for changing rooms and for the office.

Tables: All our tables are of the highest quality. We have available wooden or plastic tables, meeting tables, coffee tables and much more.

Chairs: Do you need chairs for your company that are functional and have a beautiful design? We will advise you on which chair model best suits your needs. 


Rental of furniture for events


Rental or leasing of office furniture

Television and film

Rental of furniture for television and cinema


Rental of furniture for stands at fairs and congresses

Why buy designer furniture?

It is important to decorate with furniture that is consistent with the design of your office, office or any facility of your company. Both you and the rest of the members of the company must be able to feel comfortable at work, in this way the productivity of the business will be increased.

It is also important to take into account the quality and ergonomics of the furniture with which the office decoration is made. We will advise you with the most suitable designer furniture for your corporate space.

Leave your project in our hands and we will provide you with all our inspiration todecorate offices. 

Why rent designer furniture?

Renting designer furniture is the best solution to decorate your space, you can rent furniture for events, fairs, congresses or television sets.

We take care of renting the furniture you need so much, we transport it to the place where you are going to need it and we assemble it too.

If you are going to use it temporarily or want to change the furniture from time to time, renting furniture for days or months is the most viable option.

In this way, you can forget about it and we will take care of everything. In addition, you can forget about having to discard the furniture or sell it once the need for it is over.