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The importance of the presence in international fairs

Internationalization of the company

The progressive expansion of companies by international markets has its launching ramp at international fairs: they establish the first contacts with distributors, partners and local agents that will contribute to develop that territory for the brand.

In 40 years of experience in the booth business and ephemeral architecture I have seen companies grow exponentially thanks to their regular and well-planned attendance at international fairs, since once they start moving in a foreign market, they manage to increase their economies of scale in production and purchases.

Another interesting and stimulating factor is that they face important local and international competitors, which forces the exporter to perfect their products and services to be chosen, so that the productive processes must pivot on the formula of continuous improvement and the constant review of costs, both of raw materials and components as well as labor, internal and external logistics ... a permanent exercise that, if it is systematic, allows us to obtain formidable competitive advantages.

The sequence of stages is:

1. First international fair, with a small stand, usually low cost, almost always on the sides of the perimeter corridors of the fair pavilion (ah! The costs of m2 are not cheap!). It is advisable not to fall into the temptation of renting a modular stand because the scarce surface will add an absolute lack of personality that will prevent you from standing out and even being seen. In this fair the relations with agents and distributors that will allow the sales and the consolidation in the territory begin.


2. Once this territory is consolidated, the stand grows in dimensions and improves the elements of presentation. The local distributor already participates: attention to a very habitual subject, which consists in sharing expenses with that partner and therefore, since he pays, he wants to intervene in the decorative aesthetics of the space. A serious error is that the manufacturer's brand is minimized among a significant amount of information from the distributor, so it is crucial to specify how each sector of the stand is customized: the best, to delimit a corporate space of the brand within the distributor's stand.


3. The export company has gained a good market presence. Your brand is known and you can aspire to exhibit in your own space. The stand with the brand clearly visible from a distance and a clear proposal of what it is, how it is and what it can do for its customers is fundamental. More meters, more height, perhaps a preferred space (corner, three facades, island ...). The choice of the site is fundamental: good circulation of the public, to capture the maximum possible of useful contacts.


In conclusion: exporting and exhibiting in international fairs are two complementary commercial levers, which must be treated with an exquisite care because of the importance of the investment, the hours dedicated by the human team and the enormous possibilities that having a stand in an international fair offer. to the enterprise.

salo ensenyament

Teaching Hall 2018

This year will be held again the Saló de l'Ensenyament, a reference as the appointment of teaching all those that exist in Barcelona, all important training offers will be present at the Barcelona Fair from 14 to 18 March. Thanks to this event you can inform all those young and not so young, who are looking for information about the possibilities of study.

libros noticias

Light + Building

As every year, "Light + Building" is celebrated at the Frankfurt Fair, where exhibitors from all over the world will present their innovations in the field of lighting, electronic engineering, as well as the automation of houses and buildings. Many of these exhibitors will attend with spectacular design stands looking for the attention of their potential clients. MNA has designed and will build a stand for one of its clients at this fair.


Mobile World Congress 2018

This year the Mobile World Congress  returns to Barcelona with more strength than ever, attracting thousands of foreign visitors who come to see the latest technology in the mobile world.

More than two thousand exhibitors have hired a space and a stand to exhibit their products.

It is one of the fairs with the most spectacular stands in the world. It is the place where the fantasies of every designer come true.