Our online furniture store

After a long time planning to create our own furniture and decoration store, today we can say that our dream has already materialized.

We have been seriously considering for a long period of time to make this big step, but for one thing or another, this project had been delayed. Because of the industry we were in, part of our business was selling furniture or making it for our customers, but it was always through direct orders from our customers, so we realized we had to fix that. Now we can say that anyone can purchase any piece of furniture or decorative element created by us or by one of our suppliers.

It will be a long road with a lot of work, but it is what we are most passionate about, therefore this adventure will make us enjoy each and every one of the moments that it brings us.

In our furniture and decoration store, we have all kinds of chairs, sofas, tables, etc. We also have tables or decorative elements made by hand by us, in our section “Handmade” you can discover our products.

Enter our website and discover endless options that you will love.

At MNA Estudio you can find all kinds of quality design furniture, something very important when choosing any element for your office or home. Decorate in style with us!

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