What is a sustainable or ecological stand?

A sustainable or ecological stand is the set of structures and decoration elements for a fair, congress or event that takes into account the way in which the materials are obtained . They always have to be made up of materials that can be recycled, reused and that have been obtained responsibly.

There are different structures that we can consider sustainable. But, currently wood is the most sustainable. For this reason, more and more reusable ecological wooden stands are being built.

The benefits are many and if properly cared for they allow long-term reuse like the reusable aluminum stands.

The sustainable stands are not something so new in the stand sector, but it is true that they were not given so much importance. Currently, there are many companies of this type of services that have joined this trend. There is a greater awareness of how to generate business and try to understand how to produce in a more sustainable way.

Reusable and sustainable wooden stands

The structures for reusable and sustainable wood stands are the most ecological today. For this reason, some companies have begun to promote this type of sustainable stands for assembly at fairs and other events.

In order to comply with this requirement, every wooden stand must be made with wood that has the FSC or PEFC certificates. With these sustainability seals you can certify that the wood has been obtained in a responsible way.

Light but robust frames must be created to create modular wood stands, thus increasing the longevity of the structures. In addition, the frames can be reused for many years and the structure can be modulated according to the type of space for free design stands at the fair, congress or event.

Reusable stand made of aluminum profiles or frames

This option can be considered to be much more sustainable and ecological than plastic or single-use stands. But, compared to sustainable wood structures, it has more impact on the carbon footprint at the time of manufacture.

The reusable aluminum profiles or frames stands allow reuse and use for much longer than any other system. In this way, the production of new structures is avoided for many years after the purchase.

Sustainable stands with prizes in some fairs and events

More and more people are aware of the urgent need to try to correct the great pollution problem of the last century. For this reason, some fair and event organizers have included awards for the most sustainable stands of the event.

One of the fairs that awards this award is Fitur, in its 2020 edition it was the first time they held it. This award given is a prize for the “sustainable stand“, which received the Andalusian pavilion and the Paradores stand.

We see that the tendency to carry out the design and assembly of sustainable stands for fairs and conferences.

Are you planning to buy or rent a stand made of sustainable wood or a reusable aluminum stand?

If you have in mind buying a sustainable wooden or reusable aluminum stand, you can contact us to advise you on the best option. We can offer you our wooden and aluminum stands so you can take care of the planet a little more.

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