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Reusable stands: invention and actuality

Modular or prefabricated reusable stands is something you may have heard of before. Specifically, this type of stands (stands) is a format that has been increasingly imposed in the sector of fairs and events.

More and more modular structures are used to build sustainable stands. In its beginnings, its benefits were more at the ecological level and the reduction of the carbon footprint, but each time its short-term economic savings are greater. It has been possible to lower the price of materials and thus be able to sell cheap stands, even though the structure is not the largest part of the cost, but it is a very important part.

Due to all these details, it is considered that if it meets the ecological and energy cost reduction requirements, in that case it can be said what a sustainable stand or sustainable stand is. strong>.

When did these types of stands appear?

According to our knowledge and experience in the matter, in the 80s the need arose to sell design stands with systems that allow their reuse, to reduce long-term costs and facilitate assembly.

They were created from the structures that were used for modular structures or booths at fairs and congresses, these systems had been in the world of events since the 1960s. Which greatly facilitated the work of the companies that assembled the structures for the exhibitors’ stands.

Evolution of systems for reusable modular stands

In the beginning, the structures used to build the stands for exhibitions and events were very rudimentary. The most popular were the panels, which were panels that were joined and the graphics that the exhibitor wanted to show could be adhered to them.

CLIP system for reusable modular stands

Little by little they evolved and began to use systems with aluminum profiles and later plastic. These reduced space when it came to storage and stands could be created with shapes with a freer aesthetic.

The systems with profiles began to use PVC and fabric, but normally the fabric was not used because aesthetically it looked very inferior. The biggest drawback was the quality of the printing on the fabric and its durability, but the great evolution in printers has allowed them to have optimal quality today.

There are thousands of systems for the assembly of reusable design stands, but the most standardized are aluminum profiles. Some of the best known are “Octanorm” and the aluminum frames from well-known companies such as “Bematrix” or “Aluvision< /strong>“. Due to their differences between these structures, we use each system according to the need of the project.

Why use structures for sustainable stands?

Using these structures allows several benefits for the buyer and for the planet. Some of the most notable benefits are:

  • Reduce costs in the structure after several assemblies, depending on the stand, this amortization is achieved before or after.
  • Reduce what is spent on storage and transport, due to its lower space occupation once disassembled, they allow substantial savings.
  • Maintain a clear brand identity, but facilitating its adaptation to different spaces and being able to modify most of the stand if necessary.
  • < li>There is also a lower cost in the assembly of stands, due to its greater ease of assembly compared to traditional carpentry.

The systems for reusable stands are becoming more and more relevant. In addition, every day more recyclable materials are used to make the structures.

The recyclable and reusable stands are here to stay. Every day that passes there are more companies trying to find the 100% reusable stand, it will soon be inconceivable to invest in a system that does not comply.

If you are thinking of buying a reusable stand for your fairs or events, find out on our website everything we can offer you. If you can’t find it, contact us, we will surely be able to help you.

Types of reusable stands

There are different ways to create reusable stands, some structures are more sustainable and ecological than others. Therefore, we are going to show you the different combinations most used for a sustainable stand.

Modular reusable stands

Stand reutilizable modular mediante marcos de aluminio

They are made up of structures that allow the modulation of walls and the rest of the elements that make up the stand.

They are made with different materials, some combine several materials, some are not as eco-friendly as we would like, but it is a big step compared to a single-use design stand. In the following list we have them ordered from most sustainable stand to least.

  • Reusable wooden stands.
  • Structures for reusable stands that combine wood and metal.
  • Reusable stand systems with aluminum profiles.
  • Structures that use materials such as plastic and metal.
Stand modular de madera mediante marcos

Prefabricated reusable wooden stands

This technique is one of the most modern trends, but in reality it does not reduce the ecological footprint in the same way. In any case, many stand assembly companies are applying them, due to the ease for them to adapt without having to learn other ways of manufacturing.

The modular systems for stands require prior knowledge that is very different from wood carpentry. That’s why companies that have years of experience selling reusable stands have an amazing advantage.

What you should take into account when buying your stand

Our recommendation is always to focus on structures for modular wooden stands and if possible made with FSC or recycled wood. In this way, we will achieve an almost 100% sustainable stand.

It is important that the coverings are made of wood, fabric or organic materials. Even with a higher price, if we use plastics we will be greatly reducing the contribution that is achieved by reusing the rest of the structure.

Also, something extremely important is the ability of that structure to be disassembled and reduce its size to a minimum. With this, we managed to reduce the volume when it comes to storing the stand and transporting it to the fair or congress. Therefore, the pollution generated is reduced to the maximum.

If you need a reusable stand with a unique design or are looking to switch to sustainable stands, get in touch with us and we will find the ring that fits your finger. MNA is always your trusted partner.

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