Unique bespoke designs

Designer Stands

Are you looking for a design stand? At MNA we carry out the stand design from scratch, creating a unique space. Always taking into account the values of your brand and the indications of the company’s corporate manual. 

Each fair we create a new and innovative design, adapting to the space selected by the client and generating an attractive design for their clients.

We include all the necessary elements to make it a fruitful experience.
Our carpentry stands are made according to the quality standards required by our clients.
Whatever stand you need for your fair, event or congress, we will do it.

We work internationally with our different teams of assemblers, building designer stands for our end customers or agencies.

After so many years, we have specialized in the assembly of all types of systems anywhere in the world. We set up your stand at a fair, an event or a congress. 

Stands for Fairs

We have been creating and being stand builders for fairs for years, therefore, we can design and assemble design stands or modular stands.

Each fair and its space has different details that we have to take into account, so we enjoy the new challenges that each stand represents.

In the design of stands for fairs it is important to create designs and decorations with their own personality, with the intention of impacting visitors, in order to get their full attention.

From a stand at the mobile world congress to a stand at a national fair, each and every one of them is equally important to us.

We have been international stand designers for many years, therefore, we can work on very different projects between them. 

Booths for Events

Podemos build and design your stand for all kinds of events, both indoors and outdoors.

Therefore, we have the capacity to make from booths to structures with glass enclosures or different materials.

We also make double-storey stands for outdoors with high-quality and resistant materials.  

Stands for congresses

The stands for congresses have their specific peculiarities, such as some access difficulties or the number of times they must be held in a year.

We have specialized for years in this type of stands. We make them both in modular systems and in wood. In both options you can get a striking yet elegant design

Diseño de Stands: Creamos Espacios Únicos para Marcas Únicas, en Barcelona, Madrid y el resto de Europa

How can we help you with your stand

We work for you at all points of the creation of your stand, in all cases, we help you from the conceptualization of your space to the delivery of the complete stand.

If you need it, we will carry it out for you from the procedures with the organization of the event to details such as the internet at your stand.

If you are looking for a design stand to stand out from the competition, find out what we can do for you. 

Booth design

Once we receive your briefing, we analyze all the information in detail, because in this way, we can design unique stands, always based on the brand identity of the company.

We are a stand design company for international or national fairs, we have been working for years both in Spain and in Europe, that is why we can design projects all over the world.

We always make more than one design proposal, to give the opportunity to choose the one that best suits the client’s taste.

We are stand designers with extensive experience in different formats. Thanks to that, we can design stands of very varied sizes. 

Small Stands

Medium Stands

Large Stands

Stand manufacturing

We manufacture the structures of the stands calculating several factors that must be taken into account, from the assembly of stands at the fair or event to the transport of the entire structure to the fairs or congresses.

We always use the greatest amount of “eco-friendly” materials, such as FSC-certified or recycled wood.

We are manufacturers of stands with their own character and quality. In addition, we believe that both premises can be combined with a good priced stand.

If you are looking for an experienced stand maker , leave everything in our hands and relax. 

montaje stands reutilizables

Stand assembly

It is a very important part, it must always be organized to the millimeter, in order to assemble the stand as quickly as possible and with the best quality.

In all our assemblies we work in compliance with occupational risk prevention regulations, and we also go further with the intention of taking care of our stand builders .

Our goal in all assemblies is to finish well before the requested date and time, to have a margin of time in case any unforeseen event arises. We always have everything ready to avoid having to solve anything on site, but we like to be cautious and be able to provide our best stand decoration service.

We carry out the assembly of stands in Barcelona and internationally. 

Disassembly of stands

This phase is the last of the entire process visible to the client, however after disassembly, we must carry out the transport, recovery and storage of all materials.

We mark ourselves in all the disassemble events in the shortest possible time, in order to review the free space rented by the exhibitor.  

Trade fair procedures or with the organization of the event

We thoroughly study the regulations of the assembly place, so we have no surprises later with the fair.
We take care of the whole process from minute one from the turnkey stand delivery design.
For MNA both design and functionality come first , we study each stand to create a striking structure while highlighting the product to be exhibited.  

Contact us and we will help you

If you need a design stand, whether for a fair, congress, event or a showroom, get in touch with us.

We will take care of designing, setting up and decorating your space from start to finish, so you can forget about the whole process.

We will propose different ideas, always seeking to be within your budget.

Send us your ideas and concerns, we will make your imagination fly and thus we will achieve everything that you have been able to propose. So you can relax and spend time on other tasks.

We want to be your trusted partner! 

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