Reusable Stands

We design and manufacture reusable stands with modular systems, as required, in plastic, aluminum or wood.

In almost all cases we use recycled and recyclable materials. Our main proposal is to take care of the environment.

We take care of every detail of the process so that they have the greatest possible durability and an excellent image.

Before you have to make a decision, we show you 3D images, which will show you the final result. Achieving a result as in the single-use carpentry stands.

This extensive experience in the design of reusable stands allows us to carry out the design, manufacture, assembly and transport, always taking into account saving space, costs and materials. 

Stands Reutilizables: Eco-amigables, Innovadores, Desmontables, Diseñados para Marcas y Empresas en Barcelona, Madrid y el resto de Europa
stands reutilizables aluminio

Stands to reuse for years

If you are looking for a reusable stand that can be assembled and disassembled countless times, we have what you need.

We have modular systems for stands focused on more qualified personnel or structures that do not require tools for assembly.

We study each situation in detail, in order to be able to choose the most suitable modular structure for stands.

In most cases, customers prefer aluminum frames due to ecological issues and ease of assembly . But, we recommend the use of wooden frames for stands, we manufacture them taking into account all the necessary parameters to take care of the planet. The reusable wooden stands are the best ecological option. 

Let us design and assemble your reusable stand

If the assembly of the stand is carried out by us, we will propose systems that must be assembled by qualified personnel, for a benefit for you in terms of logistics and storage costs. They are also recommended for creating design modular stands with a more striking aesthetic.

The reusable design or modular stands require an exhaustive analysis of each project. For this reason, we recommend that it only be carried out by a team with great experience and knowledge on the subject.

If you want to not worry, count on us and we will study every detail to the millimeter.

At MNA we want to be your quality and trustworthy partner for all your events. 

01. Booth design

We work on your idea and put it on paper so you can see what the final result will be. We design your custom reusable stand for you, we make several proposals so that you can choose the one you like best. We are your designer of reusable stands

02. Booth manufacturing

We manufacture the structure and all the necessary elements to make your idea a reality. We make each stand with love, to give the best quality
fabrica estructuras stands

03. Delivery of the stand

Once the entire process is finished, we prepare the packaging and send you your reusable stand or store it in our warehouses. 

Why buy reusable stands for fairs or congresses?

This option to build your reusable stand in the long term is the most economical and the one that best deals with the environment. Any sustainable structure must be a priority both in stands and in permanent works, in any case, it is not yet a general practice.

All materials used can be recycled for reuse in new structures or other uses.

We have always seen tons of waste being disposed of at each fair we attended.

Due to this, it occurred to us to study each part of the process well, to avoid the waste created by us as much as possible. Recycling is no longer an option, it must be present in all production processes.

Finally, if the assembly of reusable stands is carried out with care and by assemblers with a minimum of experience, they can last for many years. This would increase the possible reuse of the structure and multiply the money saved at the time of the purchase

diseño stand reutilizable

¿Se pueden alquilar stands reutilizables para todo tipo de eventos?

También puedes alquilar un stand reutilizable si solo lo necesitas para una ocasión o cada año quieres una estructura diferente. Con esta opción seguirás disponiendo de un stand sostenible para tus ferias, congresos o eventos.

Si este es tu caso, tenemos la opción de alquiler de stands para un solo uso. Además, podrás despreocuparte completamente y dejarnos que nos ocupemos de todo el trabajo. Realizaremos el diseño del stand que necesites, sin que tengas que ocuparte de nada más.

Si tienes un espacio para un stand de diseño libre nosotros nos encargamos de conseguir que tu participación en el evento destaque por encima de tu competencia.

Con qué marcas trabajamos para construir nuestros stands sustentables

En MNA utilizamos sistemas para stands reutilizables sustentables de marcas mundialmente conocidas, además de realizar nuestras propias estructuras con madera o aluminio reutilizable.

Durante todos estos años hemos aprendido que cada estructura tiene sus ventajas y desventajas, es por ello, que según la necesidad de cada stand te propondremos una marca u otra.