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Sustainable Stands

Made from FSC or PEFC certified wood

Sustainable stands are no longer something to consider. They are essential in any company that wants to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

We carry out from the design of a sustainable stand to its production and assembly throughout Europe.

To achieve this type of stands we use sustainable, recyclable or recycled materials. We minimize the use of plastic materials and if they are used, they are 100% recyclable or recycled.

From FSC or PEFC wood structure from sustainably managed forests to organic water-based paints.

We take how we build these structures very seriously. We take care of the entire process until the moment of its disassembly and storage. 

Why buy or rent sustainable stands?

In this way we reduce to a minimum the use of polluting plastics and other materials that are not very respectful of the environment. The next step will be to avoid generating any type of waste and completely eliminate any type of newly produced plastic throughout the process.



Sustainable Wood


Recycled Wood


Recycled Materials


Organic Paints


We manufacture your sustainable stand for events of all kinds tailored to your needs, analyzing all the communication needs of your company or brand.

We will adapt to you by creating the design of a unique sustainable stand that perfectly expresses what you seek to communicate through your brand image reflected in the decorated space.

We will analyze the structure to be manufactured to achieve the most sustainable option when building, assembling, disassembling and storing your stand.

We can create a structure with many types of finishes, as required in each case. Made of wood, painted in a multitude of colours, with a metallic finish, vertical gardens and endless other materials. 

How do we create our sustainable stands?

There are many important points in the manufacture and assembly of sustainable stands.

Previously, it was enough for many companies to talk about sustainability by reusing structures, but today we know that there are many aspects to take into account and that is why it is not enough to talk about reusable stands.

What we believe should be taken into account:

  • Sustainable wood: It is important to promote sustainable and responsible forest management.
  • Recycled or recyclable materials: In this way we reduce the indiscriminate consumption of limited resources such as oil and highly polluting.
  • Ecological paints: This type of paint without harmful substances reduces the impact on the environment, as it is made up of vegetable or mineral components.
  • Reducing the weight of the structures: This is one of the details that is least taken into account, but through this process the logistical impact is reduced, by reducing the emission of gases and the wear of vehicles in transport. 
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